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Hi everybody!
I made a wonderfully decadent ganache frosting today, but would like to lighten it up and pipe it tomorrow.  What do you suggest in order to give this rich frosting a lighter buttercream like consistency?  Will just whipping it and incorporating air do the trick?

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Hello, the ganache might pipe nicely as is- is it half chocolate/half cream, by weight?  Rose uses a little more cream than half/half in her dark ganache to make it easier to frost with, and in her light whipped ganache there is double the cream to chocolate, by weight. 

You could try a little whipping, as is, just be careful not to overdo it so the cream doesn’t overwhip.  To make it softer, you would need to add something, which I think might mean remelting, adding the extra cream and rechilling to 55-60F, then whipping.

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