Burned bagels
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I made my first batch of Levy’s Bagels over the weekend, but I noticed that the bottoms were burned black.  The people I shared the bagels loved them immensely, but they avoided eating the burnt side like the plague.  I followed the recipe to the letter, and I am wondering what I could do the next time around.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Garrick,
I haven’t used Rose’s bagel recipe but the main reason why things burn is too high a temperature. It is possible there is an error in the recipe but it is also very possible that your oven temperature is not very accurate. There are numerous discussions about verifying oven temps if you do a search here. I would proceed from the evidence at hand. Since the bagels were burned the temp was too high. Try baking the next batch about 20 degrees cooler.
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  Good afternoon. Welcome to our baking forum. Garrick you have received sound suggestions for your bagel baking. The only thing I would suggest to you is this, follow Miss Rose’s baking insructions… after 5 or 6 minutes turn the bagels upside down for approx 4, minutes then reverse again this is the optimum point in re~applying the egg wash a second time (If using) this will insure the seeds stay put in handling when they cool. Internal temp. should read 190-198 degrees. Cool on racks.
  Good luck & enjoy the bagels with cream cheese & jam.


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