Really dumb question about sponge and bread
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Hi all. I’ve been working my way through the Bread Bible with mostly excellent results. Today I’m making the Cracked Wheat Loaf and a really basic question occurred to me: when you mix the sponge, do you put the flour blanket on it immediately and let it ferment, or do you let the sponge sit first for an hour (or whatnot) and THEN add the flour blanket? I think I’ve been doing the former, but today did it the latter way.



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I don’t think it matters either way, but you are supposed to put the flour blanket on immediately. I do it either way, depending on if I have time to mix the blanket right away, or want to wait until later to do it.

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I haven’t use Rose’s recipes but when I use a light flour blanket, I like to put it on immediately so that I can see the progress of the yeast. I don’t think it makes much difference in the end product though.

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