Interchangeable cake pans
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I would like to know if there is any difference in baking in a regular cake pan opposed to the loose bottom cake pan. Is it the same difference? I am cleaning out supplies and want to keep only what I need, and what will serve me the best. If called for in a recipe, do the loose leaf pans come in varying heights like the cake pans do, because I would like to keep the loose bottom pans and clean out the regular pans.

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The loose bottom pans makes it easier to extract cakes that are fragile or stick to the sides, such as cheesecake. You can’t just flip those and expect that they will remain undamaged.

Finding these in varying heights is difficult…the ones you usually see in the stores are taller than regular cake pans.


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Removable bottoms are more versatile.  You can use them for regular cakes, strudel top cakes, cheesecakes.  Yes, they come in different sizes.  Fat Daddio and Lloyd Pans are two companies that make both square and round removable bottom pans in both 2” and 3” deep.  If you’re worried about leaking, line with parchment. 

Down side is you have to either buy on line or buy at restaurant supply stores.  Most kitchenware stores don’t stock anything other than a springform pan.

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