Rose Factor Question
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Sorry for another question. I have been using 3 inch high cake pans but read that cakes bake better in 2 inch high pans. So I went out and purchased two 8x2 inch round cake pans. I see on page 491 of the Cake Bible that two 8 inch round cakes that has 2 layers baked to 2 inches high requires 3.5 times the base recipe. I totally understand.

Where I am confused is the baking powder. 8 inch round pan is Level 1 baking powder which is 1.5 tsp per base. So how much do I use?

3.5 x (1.5 tsp) = 5.25 tsp in total


1.5 tsp per layer so 3 tsp in total

Thanks for your help!

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