How to make a cake dense
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Does anyone know how to take a cake recipe and make it produce a cake that is both denser and heavier? I’ve purchased some absolutely delicious cake slices recently, all from a local organic baker, and they’re all dense. They include their ingredients on the side of their containers, and when I try to bake the same types of cakes using recipes that contain the same ingredients, mine turn out light and fluffy. I imagine that the weight and denseness has something to do with the proportions of ingredients, rather than the ingredients themselves. I’ve seen a photo of all the ways to vary ingredients to change the texture of a cookie, but I’ve never seen anything comparable for the texture of a cake. Does anything like that exist?


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I was surprised too - since for me the elusive goal was always to make light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth textured cakes ... like a mix but without the nasty chemicals! I only achieved success when I began to make Rose’s High Ratio Cakes!! However - if you make a regular “Lean” cake, and use regular AP flour (especially high gluten Canadian flour!), you will get a heavy dense cake. If you decide you don’t like it use it as a doorstop! But hey - sometimes even I want a denser cake too. smile They have their place.  Like for Kids’ Birthday cupcakes, so they don’t fall apart after one bite. Or for Cake Pops! Rose’s Pound Cake works ok for those too.

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