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is there any reason why some people cut a cake slice with slight angle down when cutting a slice ? what is the reason for a straight down cut vs the slight angle to cut a slice of cake?

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You can cut a cake any way you like. If you want to slice at an angle, that’s up to you.  Most people slice a round cake in big wedges; not the most efficient way to slice a cake.

There’s specific patterns used to slice an event cake to ensure the cake serve the specific number of guests.  A round event cake is never cut in big wedges.

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If I am making a 6-9 inch cake for a small amount of people and I know I will have more than enough servings, I cut my wedges. At a party where I have a big tiered cake (most of mine are 5-6 inches tall each tier), I follow caterers guidelines and cut into straight slices. So much easier.

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