Bread machine timings for dark rye bread ?
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Is it allowed to ask questions regarding bread machines ?, or is that like admitting that you looked at the answers on your friend’s exam, sitting next to you.

I now have a newish Zojirushi BB-CEC20, one of the horizontal ones.
The main reason for the upgrade was that they’re much easier to custom program for special timings , which I need to do for rye bread.
But I’m not really sure how to modify the standard timings - especially rise/proof timings - given that rye is not going to rise as much or as fast, etc.

I’m going to write what I tried, but I’m interested if anyone could critique it because it was just a shot in the dark.
Actually, it more or less worked, although the top collapsed just a bit, not a lot.

The standard timings for Quick rise version for “Whole Wheat Breads” are :
(the Quick rise version is recommended when using Rapid Rise Yeast)

5m       preheating
25m     kneading
8m       1st rising
  (stir down)
35m     2nd rising
55m     baking

I tried, guessing a bit, and based on past experience :

5m       preheating
18m    kneading (orig 25m)
60m    1st rising (orig 8m, but 20m for white flour version)
  (stir down)
60m    2nd rising (orig 35m)
40m     baking (but now trying 46min as it wasn’t baking all the way through)

* * Also I added 3T of gluten, the maximum I’ve ever seen recommended when using rye recipes.

So are those rising timings even close ? or overkill ? I’m wondering especially about the 1st rise time.
What about all that gluten. I always used to get bricks before with this recipe on the previous Zojirushi, w/ only 1tsp gluten, so I kindof swung for the fences.

As I wrote above, it did more or less work, and really tastes great - I just want to zero in on the timings like, you know, does it help any to wash a plate for 20min, or is a few seconds probably good enough, if you know what I mean.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The recipe I’m using, from : “The Bread Machine Cookbook” :

Norwegian Rye Bread recipe
1 cp         water (I used warm water)
6T           molasses (I’ve changed to black strap molasses because the regular type I was using was too sweet)
2-1/2 T   oil
1/3 t       salt
1             egg
1-3/4 c   dark rye flour
1-2/3 c   bread flour
5 T         w.w. flour
3 T         caraway seeds
2-1/2 t   rapid rise yeast [ Edit - now using 2t ]

+3T of gluten
[ Edit - now trying 4T (1/4cup) gluten but I think it might be too much ]

(the egg is not part of the orig. recipe, but I always add it because it’s always helped with the rise)

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My post was probably too long.
Anyway, I"m making progress . . .

I experimented, adding a total of 1/4cup gluten ( ! ), and reduced the yeast to just 2tsp.
That seemed to do the trick - no more (small amount of) collapsing and a magnificent stable rise.
Seems like a hell of a lot of gluten though   wink

Also I reduced the timings to :
1st rise 15min
2nd rise 50min

The final loaf looks perfect to me.
I’m just considering whether the 2nd rise can go a bit shorter, just as a curiosity.

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I think the 4T (1/4cup) gluten might be a bit too much actually, reflecting on the texture - in case anyone is thinking of trying this.
There is a little bit of “memory-foam” texture, so I need to experiment a bit more.
Also I realized it wasn’t baking all the way through, so trying 46min baking time.
A work in progress . . .

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