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I used the Instant in a fresh Peach pie last week with excellent results. Done exactly as we are supposed to do, meaning I mixed it thoroughly with the sugar first.
We had a few peaches left after canning our bushel of RedHaven’s. I commented to my wife that maybe I should make a recipe for Peach Crisp with the remainder, I had done that once before.
Thought I would go outside the rules and mix the ClearJel with the sugars as before except, I placed the unsweetened Peaches in the bottom of a 13 x 9 pan and sprinkled all the dry ingredients that had been mixed with cold butter chunks over the peaches.
Baked for 35 minutes at 350 with foil over the pan, in a convection oven then reduced the temperature to 325 for an additional 10 minutes with the foil removed. Allowed the pan about an hour to cool on a rack. Couldn’t wait any longer. lol I had to see what transpired with the ability to thicken the peach juice while the mixture was baking instead of mixing cold and then baking. Texture is superb, fantastic “GOO” emanating from the peaches up through the dry ingredients on top. Around the outside edge of the pan where the juice bubbled up it is slightly more Gelled than the interior.
A portion of Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream made with Dana’s Recipe is going to happen in a few minutes.


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