New oven, cake won’t brown
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I have a brand new Kitchen Aid oven, installed three days ago.  I have been baking for years, so not a beginner.  My yellow cake tests done at the end of baking time in the new oven, but has not browned at all. It is as yellow as when I put it in the oven. It is fully cooked, but not attractive. My old oven used to brown it, and my weekend home oven browns it.  Large household with big turnover of ingredients, so no chance that flour or baking powder is old.  Convection is an option, but have never tried convection on cakes.  Does the new oven need calibrating?  Suggestions?

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You may need to let the oven preheat a while longer; much of the browning occurs via the radiation off the walls of the oven. Perhaps your old oven had exposed coils and your new one doesn’t….that might explain the difference in performance.


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