Frosting a frozen cake?  Or waiting until it defrosts?
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Hi there -
I am wondering whether one can frost a frozen cake.  From searching the internet, I am getting mixed opinions.  Some say it’s easier to frost a frozen cake (which is what I would imagine as well.)  On the other hand, there is the question of whether the cake will “sweat” as it defrosts, and thereby be ruined in the end.

What do others do?

I am making a train cake for my son’s birthday party.  The decorating seems to involve a fair amount of intricate piped details.  I imagine that doing this on a frozen cake might be easier.  But I worry about this “sweating” issue.


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let the cake thaw before you assemble and crumb coat it; as long as it is well chilled when you are working with it, you should be fine.  If you find it is softening up because of your climate or kitchen conditions, you can just refrigerate it until it is firm again.  Leave yourself enough time if you think it might be a problem so you don’t stress too much.

It’s the stressing that gets you every time!


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