Home made pastry flour
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If someone has a moment to take a break from their holiday treat making, could you please remind me of the formula Rose recommends for home made pastry flour? I bake by mass, and I know that it’s 1/3 cake flour plus 2/3 bleached all-purpose flour when doing it that way. However, my mom tends to bake by volume, and I want to leave some recipes with her when I leave, so I need to know the volumetric formula for combining cake flour and bleached AP to make pastry flour.

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!


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  Good afternoon Mitch. I just finished baking 2 cheesecakes & I think I can help you now. I am not famialiar with Miss Rose’s pastry flour formula. However, I know that even in my advanced senior years I can still do arithmetic. Now then Mitch cake flour strength
is 8% protein.  Not all A/P flour is of standard strength but GOLD Medal & Pillsbury is 10.5% protein strength. Mitch as you know Pastry flour is approx. 9% to 9.25% protein strength. SOOOO!!!, If you mixed 1 cup of each you would have 8% plus 10.5%
= 18.5. If you divide this number by 2 you would get 9.25%.....Hence you have “PASTRY FLOUR”.
  Mitch, I hope this helps.  “HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you & Mom.

  ~FRESHKID> cool hmm

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