Over-risen brioche
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I’ve got a batch of brioche dough going, headed towards making the Chocolate Sticky Buns from The Bread Bible for Christmas morning.  But there’s a little problem—toward the end of the first rise, when the dough should have been moved to the refrigerator to firm up, I got called away from the house and forgot the dough. It stayed at warm room temps for another 3 hours or so, and rose to well over triple volume.

I’m now pondering if I should start over in the morning, losing the flavor gains by the overnight sponge and rise.  I haven’t turned up much information about exactly what happens to over-risen dough—I see a comment by Rose that the gluten strength is impaired by this and so a loaf might might fall during baking.  However, these are sticky buns, which (it seems to me) might not have as much of a problem as a single loaf.  My current plan is to go ahead and try to work with this dough, but if anyone has any experience with a situation like this and can offer advice, I’d appreciate it.

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  Good afternoon to you. The reason your yeasted rich dough tripled in volume is because in a rich dough as opposed to a yeasted lean bread dough you must increase the yeast…due to the large amount of sugar employed which as we all know inhibits the function of the yeast. However, you can do a fold & apply a proof. When that segament is completed you then can continue with the recipe like nothing happened.
I know your baked product will turn out well.  Happy holidays to you.

  ~FRESHKID. cool hmm

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