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Help pls with a lemon-ginger flavored wedding cake!
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Here’s an update so y’all will know that I’m not a nervous wreck over this job. At least, not yet! smile

The bakery where I work part-time doesn’t do wedding cakes, so my boss was cool with my using our equipment and facilities in the “quiet hours” to produce the wedding cake. Such a relief!

I took a closer look at the made in China craft butterflies the bride supplied and saw why she got a deal on them from Michael’s. The packages with the medium and smaller sizes had butterflies missing. So most of what she’d given me were so big that they would overpower the cake, and there weren’t enough of the smaller ones to do the job. That’s not even considering the whole issue of how you attach something that’s been designed with an alligator-type clip for fabric, etc.

Queried the bride and after checking online for other suppliers as requested (nope, whew!), suggested to her that we look at other options. I emailed a couple of pictures, one of a chocolate filigree butterfly I did in plain white choc and white choc tinted with matcha powder (her wedding colours). The other was a picture of butterflies made with the chocolate transfer technique. I was excited that I might get to do either one (love working with chocolate!). But in the end, she said they decided to “forgo the butterflies.” That was blessing enough in itself! She’s going to get back to me about what sort of topper they’d like to use. I suggested that fresh flowers are always beautiful and among the least expensive decorations available. So we’ll see.

Imagine if a person were working with 60 brides at once!!! Yikes, hard to picture dealing with that volume, but a little local bakery I stopped in recently is doing just that for the month of August.

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