Lemon Neoclassic Buttercream
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Hi there…I need some help with making the Lemon Neoclassic Buttercream. The instructions in ‘The Cake Bible’ say to replace the water with lemon juice, but as you don’t use water with the Neoclassic technique, I have just been adding a portion of lemon curd, or even lemon juice once all the butter has been incorporated. The results are lovely, but I was just curious if anyone else has any other suggestions????Thanks!

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you are correct, i use the classic buttercream when referring to the lemon variation.

if using lemon curd, i much prefer it on mousseline buttercream because this buttercream is egg yolk free and adding some brings flavor.  adding curd to the classic or neoclassic which are all yolk, in my opinion makes it very rich.



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I have in my notes that I have successfully made the lemon neoclassic by substituting lemon juice for a portion of the optional liqueur.  I added 3 tablespoons lemon juice plus 1 T Limoncello in place of the 2-4 T of liqueur (I also use fresh zest instead of extract, as I don’t mind the texture of little bits of zest).  This may not hold at room temp for as long as the classic, because of the extra liquid, but it didn’t break. 

I made the classic lemon recently, paired with TCB’s buttermilk country cake cupcakes, and they were wonderful.  To me, the classic/neoclassic buttercream tastes more like fresh, tangy lemons, while the lemon curd mousseline tastes more like lemon curd.  The classic is also softer. 

I whipped the butter for a full 10 minutes before making the classic, and whipped the yolks to full triple volume.  The resulting buttercream was paler yellow and incredibly light and mousse-like.

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