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Terror before baking
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And now for the rest of the story!

But first - thank you again. You are all so generous, kind and supportive.

I made the practice cake Thurs night, and, as I said, it tasted great in batter form and looked good - so I was going to use it for the real thing on Sat. night.  It took so many hours to integrate in my impaired grey cells the many facets of the Oblivion cake with the fudge sauce - zig zagging back and forth between the two recipes. Oy!

B u t . . . peace alluded me. The taste of rich, dark, creamy chocolate bars -that cost a king’s ransom- tickled my senses until, spontaneously, when I finally got up [really late Sat. morning cause I was starting to feel sick] I immediately began to assemble Choc Oblivion - from memory no less -  no fake butter, or pretend sugar in the fudge - actually I skipped the fudge. I whipped it out. popped it in the oven, sent DH out for heavy cream and began on the raspberry puree.

Need I say, the 10 assembled women from my networking group were completely enraptured, blissed out!  There is no substitute for real sweet butter, rich, rich expensive chocolate,  whipped cream - ohh! - and raspberry reduction, w/lemon juice and a slight sweetening.  Be still my heart!

Of course, today I am really sick - my body does not tolerate milk products and sugar - but what a way to go!!!!!!!!  Thank you for sharing this journey.

Oh, and by the way, the practice cake is okay - but there’s no comparison to the great chocolate and real butter. Simply none. The substitutes only work well in recipes with more ingredients, &/or for the unknowing palate, and when it’s the only way you can have dessert.

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