german chocolate cake
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Hello again..I’m still working my way around posting on the site, and think I may have put my last question in the wrong area. The german chocolate cake is for this coming Sat night. Since I’m working pretty much up to the moment of the party, I was thinking of dividing tasks as follows. Can you tell me if this will work out? On Wed night I will make the caramel ganache and frosting for the cake according to recipes in RHC. I’m concerned with the frosting having to sit and wait for Saturday. Will it still be fresh if kept refrigerated? Fri night…bake the layers. Sat AM before work, put the whole thing together. If there is leftover cake, can it be wrapped well and then frozen for a later time?
Thanks once again for all the help.

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gpears, I don’t know absolutely that Rose’s German Choc filling can be made three days ahead, but I looked at the ingredients and the cooking method and it seems like you should be OK.  Be sure to put plastic wrap against the top to prevent forming a skin, and it will need to be warmed gently when you are ready to use it, just until spreadable.  Be sure to take it to 175F like it says in the directions, as that is above the instant-kill temp for salmonella.

The best place to ask this question is over on the blog section, under the heading “Cake Questions Three”.  There, it is possible you will get a direct answer from Rose, though she is incredibly busy promoting her new book so it would probably take a few days at least for her to reply.

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