Cocoa Fluncuation
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I received the book “Cake Art” while taking a class at the CIA. It has a page with 2 devils food cake recipes (same ingredients, different amounts)- one recipe is for (2) 8”-9” round cake pans, the other is for a 11"x15” sheet cake. I have found that the amount of flour, sugar, eggs etc. ratio from the round cake recipe to the sheet cake recipe is amount 75%. (if the sheet cake calls for 4 cups of something, the round cakes calls for 3 cups). HOWEVER, when it comes to cocoa- the sheet cake calls for something like 2+ cups, while the round cakes only call for 1/4 cup of cocoa. Is there a reason that the round cakes would use so much less cocoa then the sheet cake? Does it have to do with the cake shape? or should i consider this a typo?

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