royal icing on fondant
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I am making a wedding cake and am planning to pipe royal icing onto the fondant?  I know there are issues in putting fondant covered cakes in the fridge . I usually wrap the fondant covered cakes in plastic if I put it in the fridge and had no problem so far.  Is there a problem putting a fondant covered cake with royal icing on it in the fridge? Can I wrap it in plastic wrap and not ruin the icing.?

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I’m not the fondant expert on the forum, RL, so I’ll just say welcome to the forum. This topic has been discussed in the past, so I’d suggest that you do a search with the word fondant. The search box is upper right hand corner of the forum home page. Look especially for posts by Jeanne. My recollection is that people advise putting royal icing decorations on at the last minute, but don’t quote me. smile

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I’ve done two wedding cakes this summer, both covered with fondant and decorated with royal icing.  I then left the cakes in my fridge over night (no plastic wrap or boxes),  there were no problems.

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