error in TCB chocolate fudge cake recipe???
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I’ve been using TCB for years, but today while trying to decide between the All American Chocolate Butter Cake and the Chocolate Fudge cake I noticed something weird. The Butter Cake calls for 12 tablespoons butter, but translates that as 8 oz. It’s 6 oz., right? Then the Fudge cake recipe “understanding” section says it’s almost the same as the Butter cake except that brown sugar and extra liquid substitute for one of the eggs—but BOTH call for 3! And this one calls for 1 cup/8 oz butter. Am I missing something??

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My TCB, published in 1988, calls for 1 cup—8 oz.—of butter in both cakes.  They each call for 3 eggs. The “Understanding” part of the Fudge Cake reads the same as yours. I can say that each cake, as written, turns out perfectly.


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