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I am hoping to make some family favorite cookies (my great grandmother’s recipes) for Christmas—after examining the recipes, they are both variations of Puff Pastry.  These are German recipes called “star cookies” and “book cookies”. 

The Star Cookie recipe uses buttermilk, flour, and vanilla made into a dough and then layered with butter.  It doesn’t use the dough package method, but rather, has one roll out the dough, and put a layer of butter on it, fold, more butter, then fold, more butter until it can’t be folded.  This is done twice. 

The Book Cookie recipe is more perplexing, it uses almost identical proportions of water, butter, vinegar (or I would substitute lemon juice) and flour to traditional puff pastry, but it also has sugar and 1 egg.  I understand the sugar would prevent gluten formation—in which case, would I be better to use ap bleached flour instead of unbleached?  I am not fully sure of how the egg would affect the pastry.  I am thinking of omitting it since Rose does not include it with her recipe.  Any thoughts on this?

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Hi Sherrie,

My mother makes a pie dough that sounds similar to your book cookie recipe in that it contains an egg and vinegar. It is a perfectly good pie dough, very flaky. (As an aside, since I found Pie & Pastry Bible years ago, I much prefer pie doughs that contain cream cheese, sour cream or heavy cream, no egg. Just personal preference.) But, since you are making cookies, and not pie dough, I would say give the book cookie recipe a try as written. I don’t think it will make much difference whether you use bleached or unbleached flour. The extra gluten in the unbleached flour will be weakened by the vinegar. I would definitely substitute lemon juice for flavor enhancement.

The function of the egg, from what I remember off the top of my head from food chemistry, is that the white will help to strengthen the dough, but the yolk will add fat and lecithin and help to tenderize it. The egg will also add extra moisture to the dough overall.

Let us know how the cookies come out. Sometimes old recipes are a gamble, and the only way to know whether the final outcome is good is to actually try it.

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