Banana Feather Loaf ... delicious!
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If you haven’t tried the ‘Banana Feather Loaf’ from The Bread Bible (p. 271 if memory serves), you really should give it a try.
It isn’t the standard quick bread ‘banana bread’ we’ve all had (and probably made), it’s a soft yeast bread, with banana added in to the dough. I’ve made the loaf before, and it’s lovely, but today I made rolls, and they turned out just fine.

The recipe as written makes a nice small loaf, but I had no trouble doubling it and making rolls. (i.e., the double batch fit easily in my KA mixing bowl)

I did accidentally forget to measure the banana before I added it to the dough, so I think my dough was too wet. One of my bananas was larger than the other, but I didn’t think about it until I realized how wet the dough was. (I had to add flour, otherwise I’d have had banana batter, not dough, LOL!)

Anyhow, the rolls baked up nicely. 3 ounce blobs of dough made nicely sized rolls, that filled a single half sheet pan.

I heated the oven to 375F but actually cooked the rolls at 350F, for about 15 minutes, turning the pan once.

Editing to add that the single loaf calls for one banana, but I made a double batch since I had two bananas that really needed to be used. I’d cooked a more standard quick bread not long ago, and just made a banana nut roll, so I needed to find some way to make use of the extra bananas. (wasn’t in the mood for baked bananas or Bananas Foster either, so these rolls are perfect.)

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Yes, I agree.  This bread makes the perfect PB&J;.  Rose claims this is her softest sandwich loaf, however, in my expereince the sweet potato bread is even softer.

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ooh I love banana. I’ll have to try this!

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