best oven for baking cakes
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Can anyone tell me please, as i have just took a course from squires kitchen for cake decorating and i want to buy a new oven to bake a cakes. somebody suggested me to buy any fan assisted oven. But i am still confused if anyone can suggest me please? i have gas oven i don?t like it. its not good enough.

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Some bakers like an oven with convection (fan), because it helps keep the heat even.  Many bakers do not use convection when baking, because it can produce drier baked goods.  And electric ovens are thought to produce more even heating than gas, in general.  If I were looking for an oven just for baking, I would choose an electric with an optional convection function (can be used with the fan on or off).

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This is such a methaphore question.  I think most important is a little cdn dot2 oven thermometer and a few quarry tiles on the top and bottom racks of the oven.  With the tiles you can make most uneven ovens very even.

I also like very much countertop full size convection microwave ovens, never baking with microwave, but the rotating table gives you great level layer cakes and the convection fan is ideal if it can be turned off.  There are some smaller units nowan about 0.9 cu ft which I very much want to try for most cakes now on the new book, specially the bundt pans.


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