Almond layer Chiffon vs orange glow layer chiffon
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Hi Guys,

I have a question about the 2 cakes listed in the title that are in Rose’s Heavenly Cake book.

Both are chiffon cakes, but only one of them use the rose nail in the middle to help
Why is it that the almond one doesn’t need it?

I’ve been trying to examine how the original orange glow chiffon changed from tcb to what it is in the new book.

Because I want to see how I can successfully make a green tea chiffon cake or a black sesame one without having a tube pan

Whenever I make chiffon cakes in a non tube pan they usually fall and become dense :( I’ve only successfully made it once without it falling!!!
Maybe I over beat my whites b/c i’m pretty sure that’s what I use to do…but still…i was really sad

But Rose finding a way to make chiffons into layer cakes gave me hope.
I’m just not sure why one of her layer chiffon cakes use the nail and the other one doesn’t

Should I generally the nail if the recipe had stated to use a tube pan but I don’t have one?


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Not the answer to your nail question, but here’s another way to do layer cakes with a chiffon recipe. It works!

You can cut circles from the sheet cake, if you want a round cake instead. Lots of uses for the trimmings, including eating them! smile

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so it works in sheet cakes too
i guess i’ll have to do some test cakes smile

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