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Do you find your food processor useful?
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I don’t put any of the pieces in the dishwasher. The type of plastic it is makes it easy to wash without leaving a greasy residue, IMO

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Everyone is making ganache in their food processors.  Am I missing something?  What I do is break up the chocolate and pour the hot cream over it.  Let it sit for about a minute and then slowly stir from the center out.  Other times I melt the chocolate and then add melted butter and warm cream (or coconut milk) to it.  Is there a difference in outcome with the food processor??

Julie - 30 December 2009 12:57 PM

I also use it for making nut flours, but it does not excel at that (at least mine doesn’t), the particle size doesn’t reduce quickly enough to prevent clumping.

Julie, I use an auger-style juice for this, and it works amazingly well.  And, if yuo keep putting the nut flour back through several times, you have nut butters.  Mix it with some powdered sugar and a little golden syrup, and you’ve got fabulous marzipan from the nut of your choice!!!  I use the Samson GB-9001.  It also has attachments to work as an extruder for pasta, etc.

hectorwong - 29 December 2009 09:59 PM

The only minimalism I am known for is of not having a sofa and tv, and to have bare concrete floors, also a twin size bed grin

Hi, Hector!  The hub and self didn’t have a sofa or TV for 14 years, then the hub got sick (better now) and we got them (and two comfy chairs).  We only use the TV for a computer monitor, and we both prefer the chairs!!!  Our floors aren’t bare concrete, but our apt. is 25 years old, so with it’s carpet, it might as well be bare concrete.  It’s as cold as hell, that’s for sure.  I think twin beds are awesome—you can get such great sheets for them—cowboys and stuff, just like when you were a kid. Don’t have one (have a double), but I’ve often thought about them becuase they’re prettier, I think.

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