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Cordon Rose Cheesecake question.
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Hi everyone! Thanks for the constructive input - I never did figure out exactly what went wrong with my cheesecake. Haven’t asked Woody or Rose - perhaps I will do that. The flavour and eye appeal of this cake is so great that I definitely want to try again… but like some of you have said - at $20+ a try - it’s not somethign you want to do too often! I may go with Fine Cookings version next time, but I do love the molasses in MS’s. I think my oven is accurate - how exactly does one go about “testing” it - other than assuming one’s thermometer in it is right?? I have also read about using the pizza stone - but the one big cake I tried using that also didn’t bake quickly enough to “set” by the end of bake time and subsequently fell in, so I’m not convinced that is the answer. I can’t remember if I used my remote thermometer on the cheesecake - but for sure will in the future (150?). Things do tend not to get to the specified temp in the allotted time though. Making me a bit reluctant to try Cordon Rose - as it is even more expensive. Will post again with future results.

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I, myself, have the same problem with the “running” cheesecake; but in my case, it’s the “Cranberry Crown Cheesecake” and not “Cordon Rose Cheesecake” since I don’t have TCB.  I have baked other cheesecakes in the RHC and they came out beautifully and held their shapes, until I tried the “Cranberry Crown Cheesecake”.  I went from three eggs to six yolks. Baked for 45 minutes, then in the “off” oven for one hour.  Chilled the cake for at least ten hours. It held its shape well until after I sliced it, and left it in the fridge for a few hours later. The center of the sliced cheesecake looked like it had gone through an earthquake. But to be fair, it tasted soooo good!  I also have a separate oven thermometer just to be sure of the oven’s temperature.  Does anyone know the internal temperature for the “Cranberry Crown Cheesecake”?

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