Genoise: Can you over beat eggs?
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Is it possible to over beat the eggs for Genoise?
I’m so sad
the last 3 Genoise I made all didn’t rise.

When I first started to make Genoise it came out perfect and I was so happy, but then I took a break from making it.
Now that I started again the last 3 i made just didn’t rise :(
I don’t know what’s wrong

today when the egg was beating it looked pretty light in color so I stopped it
I scooped some of it out to put into to chocolate mixture….but as i was scooping it didn’t seem a billowy as it should be
and for some odd reason i thought it started to look darker then it did when it was beating
so after i scooped some out i beat it a bit more just in case it wasn’t beaten enough >_<

but it looks like something failed >_<
I’m not sure if i over beat the eggs or just under beat it…but it was looking pretty light just like Rose said in her video

i’m so depress that the cake didn’t turn out again and it’s for my mom’s bday :(

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just the normal chocolate genoise from TCB
the one before the moist one
um..the classic one?
made with 5 eggs…

It’s very interesting because I watched Rose’s video for making Genoise…then I watch someone else…and she only whipped the eggs for about 1 min in a kitchen aid >_<

I actually forgot to look at the clock this time when i started beating >_<
that’s why i was depending on the look that Rose talked about in her video…the color and ribboning….

i guess i’ll just have to try this cake again some other time…i honestly don’t know what the difference is between the first several times i made this cake and these recent times :(

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it’s good to know that over beating was probably not what had happened
b/c i use to overbeat egg whites a lot since the threshold for overbeating there is like…30 seconds

hum….i shall have to time myself next time i make the cake
my cake is basically an inch tall where as the book said 1.5 inches
so it’s very similar to what she had posted
i shall try again when my family finishes eating this cake…lol raspberry
can’t just throw out the failures smile

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I love Genoise. This is what I learned when my Genoise was not rise.

Did you warm the egg and sugar too hot? like over 100 Fah degree?
Sift the flour gently into the batter.
I alway put the temp of my oven up a little bit, about 355 to 360 right after I open the door to put the cake in then I lower to 350 when I see the cake rises. Maybe that is my oven.
If you make it right, the genoise will be moist and melted in your mouth.
I will make chocolate genoise next week with coffee syrup and then frost with mocha buttercream. Yum!
Try to do it again you will love Genoise Cake!

And then there is time when my Genoise rose but dry. There are some lessons to learn too. smile

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