Tiered cake newbie: lots of questions!
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Hello, everyone!  I am making my two tiered birthday cakes for a party next Saturday.  This is my first time making tiered cakes and first time working with fondant to boot.

The first cake will be a 8” white chocolate whisper cake base with 6” chocolate chip vegan cake.  The second cake will be an 8” perfect all american chocolate cake base with a 6” chocolate chip vegan cake.  Each tier will sit on cake boards and will measure approx. 4 inches.

1 - the white chocolate whisper cake is amazing, but it seems soft and chiffony.  Will it be able to support ganache, MM fondant, and the straws for the 6” layer?  Was thinking that I should bake up a downy yellow cake, just in case.

2 - How long can a cake iced be stored in the fridge before being covered with fondant?  I work full time and wanted to avoid having to frost cakes late in the evening.  Can I frost the cakes on Saturday/Sunday and keep them in the fridge until Friday when I can roll out the fondant and put it on?

Thanks for your help!

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Molly, I looked at the white choc cake, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t hold up.  Especially since you are baking it in an 8” pan, it will be slightly under-leavened as long as you scale down the batter without making a Rose factor adjustment to the baking powder.  That texture comes from the emulsification of the white chocolate, not from a particularly weak structure. 

If I were going to keep a cake for a week, I would freeze it.  I would be afraid of loss of flavor and moistness from a week in the fridge.

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