Sabayon woes! Please help!
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Hi everyone, this is my first post, so please be nice to me if I’ve made some horribly hilarious error.

I tried making Zach’s La Bomba first (don’t) and actually everything went perfectly until I tried to heat up my Sabayon over the simmering water. The book said not to immerse the bottom of the sabayon bowl in the water, so I didn’t; but as long as I kept it there, whisking away, I could never achieve the desired temperature of 170f; I only got to 150. I poked around on the internet and found that most people make sabayon with a bain-marie, and Rose makes something like it while doing the genoise, but she uses the stand mixer and balloon whisk to aerate it, and it turns white and fluffy. I do not own a stand mixer because I am poor. (Yeah, I know, not that poor.)

So, to make a long story long, (because its funny) my sabayon did not double in volume or turn white from the aeration, depriving me of 1.5 cups of mousse volume. (I’m certain this was the reason.) At 2 AM, after baking for 4 hours, we had the bright idea of sticking a mechanical blender into the filled mold to add more volume. We failed, but we did succeed in integrating the nonstick spray into the mixture, making the cake impossible to unmold except by scraping it out with a spatula. I also had to hack away at my sheet cake round to fit it into the mold. The end result looks like a glazed cow plop, despite the fact that its extremely delicious.

So I guess I have two questions. First, how can I get my Sabayon hot enough for that egg protein to start denaturing so it takes in air, and secondly, how can I get more volume from that Sabayon? Am I allowed to take it off the heat and just go crazy with the whisk? Will it cause a problem if its temperature falls? I’m trying to be careful because I’m going to attempt this again, but each attempt takes like 6 hours and costs me 50 bucks.

Thanks in advance for your kindness


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So I tried making this cake again. I bought a stand mixer, so inflating the cream is no longer an issue.

This time I used a pot that more closely fit my glass bowl, and I didn’t worry a great deal about preventing the water from boiling, and I really cooked the hell out of that sabayon, getting it to 167 F in 5 minutes. I did manage to about double the volume, but I just never got near 3 cups. I whisked very vigorously. I really just don’t know what to do. Since my first post I’ve baked about a dozen of these cakes with varying degrees of success and improved considerably. I measure all my ingredients including yolks now with an error margin of maybe one gram, so I know that isn’t the problem either.

But I just can’t inflate the sabayon.

I’ll try it a third time in a few days to use my last piece of stale (but tasty) sheet cake.
Next time I’ll try to find the ‘sweet spot’ around 100F and linger there for a bit to try and add volume?

Still, 3 cups? THREE CUPS?

Please, if anyone has made this cake and managed to fill the entire mold with fluffy, pouffy mousse, please help!
Thanks in advance!

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Dear Slow Loris
I don’t have any technical advice but just want to stand on the sidelines and cheer you on. I love your determination, attention to detail, and perseverence. You will figure this out. I have faith in your conscientiousness!

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