Cake separators?
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God help us all, I may be taking on another wedding cake project.  More on that later.

I’m doing a little research for a friend and I’m trying to find some cake separator pillars that don’t look like they’re left over from “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding.”  Anybody have any suggestions?

I want simple, plain, round pillars.


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If you go to they have some really nice plain crystal clear seperators and pillars. I use the white plates with the crystal clear spiral look posts.

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Dan if you haven’t already done the wedding cake, here’s a novel idea for pillars: I have done a cake using custom made sections of clear Acrylic Tubing (4” and 6” Diam.) as dividers. They sat on top of clear acrylic circles, and had live flowers inside them. It looked just beautiful! I got the acrylic from a local Plastics company - they were only too happy to help! You might even be able to get smaller diam. plastic, more resembling pillars. You can view the cake on my Flickr stream at (Cherry Red Wedding Cake).  I too am very reluctant to use the dated kitschy plastic plates/pillars/toppers etc and prefer live flowers (who can afford to pay for Gum Paste creations??).

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