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Simply Egg Whites
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So after reading everything, it was discouraging to go out to get these simply egg whites.
I ended up making the chocolate chiffon cake from TCB but with the modifications in the heavenly cake book for the orange chiffon glow to make it a layer cake

I had some misadventures but it turned out soft cotton like
So I was very happy.
I picked the wrong pan to use. I used my 9 in 3in high bottom up pan because it looked like there’s no non stick coating on it
I thought that if the side sticks, then maybe it’ll hold up the cake when I cool it upside down
Boy was I wrong…it fell right out when I turned it upside down
And it looked like it decompressed due to the fall so I was upset all night as I didn’t eat any before I went to sleep
It let it cool upside down even though it wasn’t in the pan…got stuck to my cooling rack >_<
But this morning I poked it and it felt really soft so I had a piece.
I was so happy there wasn’t that dense layer at the bottom of the cake that I use to get when i over beat the egg whites or underbeat them
It was cottony but soft and fluffy…and moist…so moist it was sort of crumbling
I’ll try it with my actual 9in 2.5in high springfoam pan on saturday…it looks like there’s that non stick layer but hopefully it’ll stick raspberry

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Use real eggs….and then make a Gateau Breton (from ‘Heavenly’) with the yolks!  It’s quick and easy and…..OMG…..so good!!!  And it freezes great!

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