Pate a Choux & Egg Substitue
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I’ve been trying to make Pate a Choux with an egg substitute.  Although they taste great, I have an egg allergy and really would like to make a Pate a Choux without eggs.  I’ve tried different subs such as Red Mills Egg Replacer (no rise, just greasy puddles of softened choux) and a mixture of tofu, baking soda and apple cider vinegar (these were suggestions I got from a vegan cookbook that I tried combining, trying to get protein from the tofu for structure and lift from the baking soda).  These had some structure but they didn’t puff at all and were actually more cakey.  Has anyone ever tried pate a choux without eggs and had success or am I destined to suffer after I eat cream puffs or eclairs!?  Thanks?.

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Don’t have any experience with this, but a quick search showed a lot of people have tried to tackle this problem, so perhaps you can find out more info by searching for vegan eclairs or cream puffs. Here is an example:

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