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Hello. I’m doing my first “real” wedding cake in a little over a month. I think I’ll be doing 12-9-6 layers plus a sheet cake to make up the difference (need 160 servings). I am considering going to 16-12-8 (and possibly 4) layers…any thoughts on this?

But that’s not my real question (!). I need some new cake pans so I’m looking for advice as to the best pans and source—nice solid pans with straight sides, not angled at all, etc. What’s a good online source?

Second—I know a woman who bakes a LOT of cakes (but not using Rose’s recipes) and she swears by her 4” deep cake pans. When she bakes a recipe that’s for two 9” layers, she bakes it all in the 9"x4” pan and then just tortes the finished cake. She does this for other sizes as well. Does anyone else work like this? If so, what would happen to Rose’s recipes if they were baked in a single pan? I’m guessing the calculations for baking powder, etc. would be messed up?

It’s definitely appealing to just dump the entire recipe into a single pan for a single giant layer, but not sure it’s a great idea.

Any thoughts?

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I know that my usual supplier just started selling 4” deep pans. So there have to be people somewhere using them for something!

My experience with deep pans (3”) is that the cake tends to overbake at the edges - especially square pans even with magicake strips - and the texture suffers a lot IMHO.  I know that Rose’s recipes don’t perform as well in a deeper pan.

My favorite pans are from Parrish’s in California; they are sold under the brand name Magic Line.  They are the best pans I’ve ever used and I’ve been using them for almost 10 years.  People who don’t know how old the pans are, are shocked when they find out.  They look great (but then again, I take care of them - no abrasives or scratchy sponges on them)  I have other pans but usually my first choice is to use the magic line ones.


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I have to agree with Jeanne.  I also have magic line cake pans and I love them.  You get nice straight sides and perfect corners with the square and sheet pans.  From experience, I know that Rose’s recipes do not work very well in 3 or 4 inch high pans.  You are better off buying 2 inch high cake pans for Rose’s recipes.  They are very well made and they will probably last a lfetime if they are taken care of.

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