Freestanding Gas Oven 30” & Microwave/convection hood brands?
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Hi all,

I am new, but I have been using Rose’s Cake Bible for many years.  It took my baking to a higher level!  What a source of inspiration & must-have cake book!

My gas oven died.

No regrets, since an exterior oven part rusted and paint is wearing off and showing the steel underneath on the range backsplash.  Plus it is horrible to clean.  It is a Whirlpool super capacity 465.  Lasted 10 yrs.

I am now finally searching for a new freestanding 30” gas range and oven.  There have been so many options lately, that I would like to know what the opinions are for these brands (or any that might be better):

Frigidaire Gallery freestanding gas range with True convection oven, warming drawer, 5 sealed burners, FGGF3076K
Wolf (there was a mention of Wolf commercial in the Cake Bible, but for home?)

Please also let me know what you think about durability (must last 20+ yrs) and cleaning (easy to clean with NO spots left).

Also, can the preheat features be trusted? There are some models that boast quick preheat.

I also am considering replacing the over the range microwave with hood combo.  Can you recommend a microwave with convection oven and hood that is durable and easy to clean?

I bake as often as daily.  I enjoy baking cakes (sponge, fruit), muffins, cupcakes, poultry, fish, cookies, brownies.  I often like to bake 2 batches of anything (as 1 batch is never enough).

I read about the quarry tiles, but preheating for 60 min would only be possible if I was baking all day.  So that does not seem realistic, since I would like the baking to be done in about 1 hr or 1.5 hrs at the most.  I have to do all the clean-up, so I need to save as much time as possible.

Thank you all in advance!

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Well, LCH, I can’t help you with your oven, but I do envy that you get to bake daily!  I hope you get answers and stick around….and post some pics!  Nothing like taking a break and looking at a lovely cake (or whatever) in the middle of the work day!

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LCH, a friend of mine who did a recent kitchen remodel got a Dacor oven and has been extremely pleased with it.  It is a “real/European” convection oven (i.e., has a third heat source at the back where the fan is) and also a microwave feature.  He also has an added feature where the racks pull out smoothly on a gliding track, which I think would be great for baking to do quick checks without jostling the cakes.  Finally, the service at the Dacor place has been terrific—they regularly have presentations on ways to use the oven and its features, with full cooking demonstrations.  I think they are fairly expensive, but if you have a largish budget, I would definitely at least put Dacor on the list to check out.  Personally, I would love to have one!!

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Consumer Reports says the most reliable gas range is Hotpoint.  In order of DECREASING reliability, the list is

Hotpoint, GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid


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