Ganache Frosting
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Hi Everyone,

I will be making chocolate cupcakes with a ganache frosting for a child’s b-day party.  This particular frosting is the child’s favourite, so I can’t change it, but my question is whether I would need to refrigerate the cupcakes once they are frosted with this ganache?  Also, the party is outdoors, will the ganache hold up outside (or will it begin to run and melt)?  I will be making them on Saturday night and the party is on Sunday afternoon. 
The ganache ‘frosting’ is made up of equal parts of cream and chocolate (no other ingredients).


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SA, if you are worried about shelf life, be sure to bring the cream to a boil when making the ganache. 

Rose’s ganache, which is similar thought not exactly the same, keeps for three days at room temp, so I don’t think you have to refrigerate the cupcakes overnight if you don’t want to.  My only thought is that they’ll dry out if they aren’t covered, and if you’re covering them with plastic wrap the ganache will hold a decorative shape better if it’s chilled and firm.  Also, since you are making them a day ahead, you may want to be sure to cover them with frosting all the way out to the edges to keep them from drying out (but still store them covered).

As for holding up outdoors, that depends on temperature.  If the temperature is at or close to the melting point of cocoa butter (93F+), or if they are out in the sun, they may melt.  You could chill them before bringing them out to give a little leeway, or keep them indoors until serving time.

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