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Two Quick Bread Issues
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I have been interested in baking and enjoying it ever since I was a kid. I always watched my mother make her pies for the holidays

She would make her own dough and roll it out with her 50 year old rolling pin haha. She made a lot of cakes and I always helped her mix them.
I dont bake so much now , but I will again. I love baking pies apple, pecan, pumpkin and breads and cakes.  My all time fav is carrot cake

I get many a smiles with that, it is a good feeling when you bake and it makes people smile

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Definitely! That is what it is all about IMO.

I haven’t baked a pie yet.  I bought Rose’s Pie And Pastry Bible but now I need the equipment. I don’t even have a rolling pin yet.

I love carrot cake too. 

I haven’t made one in a long time

I also make a carrot quick bread.

Lately, I’ve been brushing Rose’s syrups on the quick breads and everyone really loves it.

It adds a dimension of moistness and sweetness which goes beyond the taste of the cake itself


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