Is my K5SS Stand Mixer going to survive?
Posted: 09 March 2008 12:25 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I was baking my usual semi-sour dough bread tonight and at the end of my usual 5 minute kneading, my mixer started to smoke slightly.  I thought that the last few times I used it, I could smell a slight smell of burn but never really paid attention to it.  I would normally let it cool down, then proceed with the next mixing task… until tonight! downer

I bought my refurbished mixer for $199 in 1994 so I thought it has paid its dues, maybe it is time to get a new one.  I have been pining for a six quart model but my main problem is that I have an ice cream maker, a pasta roller set and an extra bowl to go with the current one. 

My mixer is like a good friend for so many years, it has given myself and my family a lot of joy from the baked goods that I make with it, it will be an agony to be without one.  Does anybody out there know if it is worth having this repaired and if it is, will it be worth it? hmmm

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