Bundt Pan Sizes
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MJ’s Nordicware post has brought up a question I’ve had for a while, so I’m taking a little break here to ask. 

Do the rules for “too big a pan size” also apply to Bundt pans?  I’m assuming they do, but…

For example, my Nordicware Fleur De Lys is a 12 cupper.  What is the minimum cups I can safely bake in it (provided I’m willing to live with the design interruption)?  I assume I can safely bake a recipe designed for a 10c. pan, but could I bake a 50% recipe—in other words, a recipe designed for a 6 cup pan?  Or does this result in too-deep-pan syndrome?

Thanks for your thoughts on this!!


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I would like to know the answer too.

I read in RHC that a 10 cup recipe can go in a 12 cup bundt

I would love to know about smaller sized recipes

The 60th Anniversary pan is mentioned in RHC as one of Rose’s favorites.  It holds 10-15 cups of batter. Does that mean a 10 cup recipe will not be dried out as occurs in standard-shaped pans when using a pan too large?

I asked a Nordic Ware rep about this and she said it will not be dried out because of the depth of the pan.  Is that how Rose feels too?

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