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Posted: 11 March 2008 05:15 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Thanks to all the kind replies in my quest for an Almond tart recipe, I have been lead down a most interesting path.  Indeed the English recipes for Bakewell tart sound very much like
the one I buy at the San Francisco/Sacramento Italian bakery.  Just to make certain the crust is puff pasty and not philo, I stopped in and bought one this morning, purely for research sake…

I am pleased to report the family concensus agreed it is puff pastry.  The charming girl behind the counter thought so as well.  As she was from Russia, she couldn’t be certain but enthusiastically stated she had never tasted anything so wonderful as this Almond Tart, not even in Russia!

An additional happy consequence has been the delightful discovery of an amazing blog, titled “norldjus” during the search through Bakewell tart recipes.

I am absolutely bowled over by the delicious content and stunning photograpy.  If you’d like a little visual treat,
have a look. 

Again, thank you all for helping me.

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