How to use frozen cherries in a pie
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I’ve two questions I hope someone can answer

(1)  Do you thaw or leave frozen frozen cherries when making cherry pie.  I bought a bunch of tart cherries at the beginning of the summer, pitted and froze them and now want to make a pie with them.

(2)  Has anyone tried applying the technique that Rose uses with peaches in making her peach galette to cherries?


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I’ve tried using them from frozen (not thawing) and I’ve ended up with a soggy lattice (which seems to be counter-intuitive), but I think my cherries were really just too juicy!  I’ve tried concentrating the juices and adding more cherries but still a soggy lattice…I suspect this is more of an issue with the type of cherry (I can only get local varieties).  I’ve made the peach galette (delish by the way) but not with cherries.

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In the Pie/Pastry Bible, Rose recommends freezing sour cherries with sugar, and defrosting completely before making the pie.  Specifically, she recommends thawing until they can be separated, then putting them in a bowl along with the rest of the ingredients for the filling and allowing them to sit until thawed and the sugar is dissolved in the juices.

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I defrost the fruit for about an hour first before filling the pie shell. I also use clearjel (from King Arthur Flour) instead of flour or cornstarch and the filling thickens nicely. Gone were the days of runny pies!

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