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Under “Hot out of the oven” there is a thread called “A simple fun way to decorate cakes” started by Rose. Someone named John left this comment:

“hey man, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work.”

I have a blog, and I get variations of this comment from different people constantly. This is a stock comment to leave when you really want to get your own URL up with your name and hope readers will click it, sending more traffic their way. My blog host, WordPress, knows to automatically send these comments to the spam box.

I suggest you remove this comment, as it is not a sincere response to Rose, but rather a ruse to increase this person’s readership.

I don’t even want to click John’s URL to see what his business is, but you can bet it is not cakes or baking.


P.S. Don’t click his name to open his web site—he will know how many came from Roses’s forum.


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Kathleen - 10 September 2010 02:31 AM

I suggest you remove this comment, as it is not a sincere response to Rose, but rather a ruse to increaser this person’s readership.

Interesting info, thanks Kathleen.

(BTW, I PM’d your note to the administrator, in case he doesn’t check here often.)


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Yes, there have been a number of these sorts of posts on a few of Rose’s threads.

Administrators for the forum are Susannah Gardner and Travis Smith, Susannah is in contact much more often than Travis.

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