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I’m making a circular cake that has fondant panels wrapped around each tier to look like ribbon or eyelet.  I figured I could do it in one long fondant strip for the small tiers—6” & 4” diameters—but should I attempt to do that with the larger tiers (which are 8” & 10” diameter), or do it in several pieces?

Also, how do I blend the seam in so it’s not noticeable?  Is there a trick to do this?



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Hi Amy - I think I would attempt to do the larger tiers in one strip, then stack the tiers so that the seams are all on the back side of the cake.  I’ve never been very good at hiding seams, but supposedly you can fill them in with royal icing - think spackle (sp?) or caulk.  I’ve also seen creative ways to camouflage the seems with piped decorations of flower placement.  One of the nicest I’ve seen was a “seam of pearl buttons” piped down the cake resembling the buttons on the back of a wedding dress.


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FANTASTIC advice, Patrincia!!!!!

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