can I store cakes with light whipped ganache and cream glaze at room temperature
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If I fill a genoise with the light whipped ganache and top it with the chocolate cream glaze, do I need to refrgerate the cake? I read that you can keep it out for a day - but it is cream, so isnt’ refrigeration essential?

Should I adjust the recipe for the glaze with corn syrup in case I refrigerate it?

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According to the sidebar in the light whipped ganache recipe, it will keep for one day at room temp.  If you are using ultra-pasteurized cream that is far away from its use by date, and if you use the first method that brings the cream to a boil, you should be fine. 

I don’t know what your schedule is like, but if you’re really worried about it you could consider filling and crumb coating the cake ahead of time, then glazing closer to the time of serving.

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