please recommend rose’s chocolate glazes- storage/taste/texture
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So we have the chocolate cream glaze, chocolate butter glaze and the lacquer glaze.
What are the pros and cons?
Which is your favorite glaze and why?

I understand that the laquer glaze is the shiniest but which glaze can be kept at room temperature the longest? Which one is the easiest to apply? And is there any major taste and texture difference?

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One issue I’ve had with the lacquer glaze is it sticking to the roof of my mouth.  I suspect it may be too cool or too thick…haven’t totally figured this out yet.  I love the chocolate cream glaze!  The taste is delish (cognac is a nice addition).  The lacquer glaze can be touched up if you miss a spot where as the cream glaze will show this.  But…the cream glaze is applied thicker and will not need as perfect of a surface for application.  Also, you need a base layer under the lacquer glaze, whereas the cream glaze could go directly on a single layer cake with no other frosting.  I don’t think the lacquer glaze impacts as much flavour as the cream glaze, but mostly because it is thicker than the lacquer.  I rarely use the butter glaze…I think it’s Rose’s back up when she doesn’t have cream.

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