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essential cake book query
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I have some older Bon Appetit magazines but since I have about 130-140 cookbooks and have also collected LCBO magazines since 1991 (6 issues yr) and also collected other food magazines for a time I have to limit my recipe collecting. I used to also collect Chocolatier magazine and made many excellent recipes from that but I found they made everything sound much more complicated and difficult that it actually was. I got the impression they were trying to appeal to the yuppie crowd. I don’t know if that magazine even still exists. I made my first ever wedding cake from that on a dare. No prior experience. The bride was a chocoholic and wanted a chocolate wedding cake. It was a sponge cake with layers of ganache, raspberry/cognac, chocolate icing, I made dark chocolate and white chocolate roses with milk chocolate leaves. I did things that to this day I’m amazed it all turned out. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. 
All that to say, I’ve been collecting far too many recipes for far too long so I have to limit it now because I’m running out of space. I’m also getting to the point where I forget which recipe is where and I admire that you can keep up with cutting them out and pasting them into a book.  I tried and failed at that. Now I’m trying to see if I can list them in an Excel program.

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