scarlet empress bavarian cream problem
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So I made a scarlet empress this weekend. When I made the vanilla bavarian, the milk was brought to almost boiling and when I finally tempered the eggyolk/gelatin mix, it was at the temperature specified by Rose (170F). So i was afraid to cook it any longer in case it curdled but I knew it had to be cooked to the consistency of thickened cream. Anyway the bavarian filling seemed flat in taste - almost like a fat free bavarian if you know what I mean. I believe I should have cooked the mix instead of worrying about the curdling part.

I am upset becuase I have done this dessert before with excellent results. This weekend all my desserts seemed to have problems. Did I make the cream too hot for tempering?

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Sorry your projects seemed less than perfect, we’ve all been there.  I’ll bet others were happier with them than you were. smile

Hmmm, I don’t think there’s any way a too-hot milk or a too-cool custard final cooking temp could lead to a flat taste.  Perhaps only to the extent that texture affects flavor.  I mean, the yolks and milk were in there, it’s just that they may not have been cooked enough.  More likely the cream was lower in fat than normal or some flavoring component was off- did you use a vanilla bean and liqueur?  The right amount of sugar?  Use whole milk?

The milk is supposed to be heated just to the boiling point, then tempered into the yolks, then the milk-yolk mixture cooked until it coats the back of a spoon thickly enough so that your finger will leave a track across the spoon.  If you didn’t cook it long enough to thicken properly, it would affect the consistency (too thin), but not really the flavor.  Was it thick enough to slice?

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