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Moist Chocolate genoise with raspberry ganache
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Your co-workers are incredibly lucky to have cakes made with such care and attention.  It looks simply beautiful and like you have done here, I frequently forget the “Happy Birthday” but usually because I haven’t left space for it, or am too afraid of marring the cake with my bad piping (of words).

Not many people realise the enormous amount of work that can go into a deceptively simple cake.  It’s not the cost of ingredients but the hours and hours of effort.  But all the reward we need is an appreciative audience grin

I too made Rose’s raspberry puree using a hand-held strainer.  I gave up using the back of a spoon after a while, and eventually used my hands to press the puree through and clean the seeds.  This method resulted in the cleanest seeds but also cramped hands, arms and shoulders.  Sadly I don’t own a Kitchen Aid but a Kenwood mixer, so can’t buy the de-seeding attachment.

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