Adapting recipe for DLX mixer
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I’m a fairly new but enthusiastic baker (primarily breads). I’ve had great success in the past with the Basic White Sandwich Loaf in the Bread Bible - it’s a big hit in my house.

I’ve recently gotten an Electrolux DLX mixer and the way I’ve been advised to use it involves starting with all the liquid and part (about half) of the flour in a recipe, then adding the remaining flour gradually. This is slightly incompatible with the directions for the sandwich loaf, as the remaining flour is directed to make a flour blanket. Would it affect the recipe much if I were to leave out the flour blanket and just add the rest gradually? Are there other adjustments that I should make? Or should I just go ahead with the recipe as it’s laid out in the book?

Also, I’ve been reading (here and elsewhere) about how adding some sourdough starter to a recipe will help it to keep fresher longer. I have a starter that I use and keep active (at about 100% hydration). Would adding some to this recipe be a good idea? what other adjustments should be made if I were to do so?

Thanks for looking and for any advice.


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The flour blanket isn’t necessary, it is just a time saving step and a way to help keep the sponge from drying out.  You can skip it as long as you keep the sponge well covered.

For the sourdough, this is old starter, not active starter.  I would search the main blog for an explanation of the difference, but one thing you need to do is add a little more salt.

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