Pain de Mie question
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I’ve made the BB’s Pain de Mie many times but have noticed something curious.

The bread’s center seems less uniform and compact than the around the edges.  It isn’t at all holey but if you hold a slice up to the light, for example, you see the center is not nearly as dense as the surrounding edges.  Likewise, when I toast it the center really browns while the surrounding edges do not.

I bake it for the full hour and the only thing I do differently from the recipe is I use non-fat dry milk. 

The bread is delicious and this isn’t necessarily a problem in need of fixing but I am curious if this is just the way Pain de Mie is supposed to be or if I’m making some kind of error.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s been a while since I made the recipe, but IMO, even a simple substitution can make a big difference.

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