What kind of oven does RLB have?
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I am doing a kitchen remodel.  What brand and type (gas/electric/dual fuel) does Rose Levy Beranbaum have?  Thanks!

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I have a Dacor dual fuel with 6 burners and 2 ovens. It has a pure convection setting that makes all my baked goods turn out wonderful. This is the best oven I have ever had.

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ROSE said the following in the blog: “i like the evenness of electric for cakes as there is less fluctuation of temperature but honestly, i find the difference between ovens greater between the brand of oven the gas vs. electric. i use a wolf commercial gas oven, a sharp microwave convection with convection only, and a gaggenau electric and each is different but each is acceptable. when i travel to other places i have problems with uneven ovens, or uneven racks in the oven, and back to front differentials which i try to compensate for by turning the baked goods around part way through baking. but the best thing is to know your own oven and adjust to it. in fact i use convection with my gaggenau for the last 10 minutes of bread baking to crisp the crust by ridding the oven of it’s moisture. if you’re getting burnt crust that’s another issue entire and could be faulty oven or too high a temperature.

She said this in her post titled “Golden Honey Oat Bread Revisited”...

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